25th Anniversary of CNSE

Club Náutico Santa Eulalia was founded in October 1991 by a group of friends in the town by the river. They put all their enthusiasm and effort into making the dream of a yacht club in the town come true. Thanks to all these people, the founding members who supported this project and the Santa Eulalia Town Hall, it was finally possible to raise sails.

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Since the last obligatory adjustment, the articles of association define the club as a non-profit private association. Its aims are to promote, develop and continue to offer physical activity and sport as well as to protect disabled people, children, people who are at risk of social exclusion and to provide social services of general interest.

The current sporting sections are sailing, swimming and canoeing. Furthermore, we organize other social activities and events such as the traditional procession of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, water activities on the beach as well as diving, among others. Also, for years we have been in charge of the management of the two municipal swimming pools of Santa Eulalia del Río.

Almost a thousand people registered as members in the social census which includes 2 honorary members and the 246 founding members. Furthermore, there is a census of athletes superior to those hundred in the main sections, and several thousand people who use our facilities every year.

Among all of the events we organize, the Tornado World Championship in 2013 is particularly noteworthy, an international competition in which we showed that we are up there with the biggest clubs. Another successful and highly professional competition is the Spanish Disabled Sailing Cup (Copa de España de Vela Adaptada). Without a doubt the second stage of the second Spanish Open Water Cup (II Etapa II Copa España Aguas Abiertas RFN), planned for 21st May 2016, will succeed in the same way.



The first meetings regarding the creation of the Club Náutico Santa Eulalia took place in the late eighties. However, after several unsuccessful attempts, it was only in October 1991 when the club was founded and started its sporting activity.

Despite not having its own headquarters at that time, the bureaucratic management and the first club meetings could take place thanks to the kindness of several members who generously offered their private homes to organize all the necessary tasks. Later on, and also thanks to Juan Riera, "The Fireman", a small office located above the restaurant "El Rincón del Marino" became the first headquarters where the members and friends got together to work on projects as well as to enjoy paellas and have fun after finishing the regattas they had organized.

Years later, the Town Hall erected a multi-purpose building on the promenade where the Club Náutico would be set up. It has been located there until today, right by the entrance of the marina, welcoming all the visitors of the port.

With the new headquarters, the board of directors of that time made an arrangement with the concessionary company of the marina in order to purchase a significant number of mooring points which allowed the members to access of their boats in a comfortable and safe way. As a result, the number of club members grew.


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Santa Eulalia Municipal Sailing School

In the same year, the Sailing School section was inaugurated. Initially, this activity took place on the Santa Eulalia Beach, where only 6 optimists and 6 boards completed the available material which had been purchased with the help of different founding members.  Those were complicated years where nothing was easy. But the work of the Sailing School bore fruits and the club met its commitment to promote, develop and improve the sport of sailing. The Santa Eulalia marina also contributed to this, allowing the Sailing School to set up between the jetties J and K in 1998. This was the first big improvement of the section with which it was now possible to sail throughout the year and not only during the summer season.

Another advance was made five years later when the marina allowed the school to move to the head of the breakwater, making it possible to continue improving and increasing the fleet. That year, Jaime Foix Cenefeld would stop being the spokesman for the sailing section. Undoubtedly, it was his and his wife's admirable work that stood behind the great results that had been achieved up to now.


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Disabled Sailing

The Club Náutico Santa Eulalia's firm commitment to sports was proven once again in October 2003 when disabled sailing courses were organized. Being a pioneer among the Pityuses in offering these courses, the club had and still has the clear goal of reducing the barrier of physical, psychic and/or sensory disability.

The School was developing, but what was needed was not more space or better shelter; there were important needs to meet which could only be solved by providing real facilities such as changing rooms, halls, etc. That was how, in 2011, thanks to the collaboration of the Town Hall, it was possible to inaugurate, but this time in capital letters, the SANTA EULALIA MUNICIPAL SAILING SCHOOL, located at the promenade, very close to the headquarters of the club.


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Club Náutico Santa Eulalia Swimming Section

Another noteworthy section is that of the swimming team which was opened in October 1998.

Previously, swimming activity in town was limited to the summer courses which took place mainly in July and August at the municipal outdoor swimming pool, located in the sporting areas of the area and were focused on teaching, learning and improving swimming.

As demand for this activity increased, as there was just one indoor swimming pool on the whole island, the Town Hall decided to remodel these sports facilities and find a way to meet a part of the demand, enclosing and installing a heating system which is necessary for the use of the facility in winter.

In 1998, the new indoor swimming pool was opened, and due to this, months later a new section of the club was created, the CNNSE (Club Náutico Natación Santa Eulalia), the swimming team. In the 1999/2000 season, the team started to compete with boys and girls from the Town Hall courses. Since then, they have been continually successful and have obtained nine Spanish medals so far.


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Santa Eulalia Canoeing School

The last section of the club is the canoeing club. This section started only over the last couple of years with gatherings where kayak trips among rowing lovers were organized. In the same year, the club also started to collaborate with the summer camps of this discipline which are organized by the Town Hall. Both activities are still going. Also, since last year, year round kayak courses have been organized, with which we hope to form a canoeing team.





This year, the Club Náutico Santa Eulalia will celebrate its 25th Anniversary and all of us who know its history know that this deserves our acknowledgement.

Throughout these first 25 years we've had three presidents who, together with their respective boards of directors, investing their time and effort and unselfishly making it possible for hundreds of athletes and amateurs to enjoy water sports with the best available possibilities and means at any time.

It was possible to get to this point thanks to the trust and help of all the members of this big family: athletes, trainers, workers, assistants, managers, club members, sponsors, collaborators, fathers and mothers and relatives in general. 

We acknowledge the work and effort made by all those who believe in this club and the values of sports. We are sure that this is only the beginning of an amazing story and we believe that more success and anniversaries will follow.


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